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So that your loved ones will always be remembered:

Capture and preserve memories of your loved ones with modern QR-CODE Medallions at their final resting places.


Imagine a world where the memories of our loved ones never fade, where their stories continue to be cherished and celebrated for generations to come.

It's a profoundly emotional and immersive way to honor and connect with those who have passed away.

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One-time payment

Data storage

Secure QR code plate

Lifetime service without any hidden costs or subscription traps

Our High quality madallion plate can withstand different weather conditions. 

Keep every precious memory of your loved ones safe

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Scan The Medallion

Start your journey by scanning the Soul Hero with your smartphone. A window opens into a world full of memories.


A permanent digital home for your memories, protecting your favorites videos and photos to share theirs stories for years to come


Make grieving easier for someone you love. Help them remember forever this person they lost to early.

It's a profoundly emotional and immersive way to honor and connect with those lost someone .

  • What are the dimentions?
    Each Halo is 5 x 5 cm.
  • What is included?
    Each order contains a unique, weatherproof Remember Well soul star made of high-quality aluminum, as well as an accompanying memorial page.
  • Are there ongoing fees for the Halo service?
    No, it is a one-time payment for a lifetime service at no additional cost.
  • Can I also use the halo for my pet?
    Yes, our Halo is also great for creating a memorial page for deceased pets. This way you can preserve the memory of your faithful companion with dignity.
  • What Delivery methods are offered?
    Aramex and Pep Paxi
  • Do we Cover international clients?
    Yes, clients outside south africa can order offline , go on our contact page ans send a message on whatsapp.
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